Our Pastor Sonny Arguinzoni

Let Our Pastor Sonny Arguinzoni Help You to Escape Your Past

For many people, the past is not just ancient history, but something that they have to face every day. When we are young, it is easy to make mistakes that follow us throughout our lives, and which drag us down to evil actions and criminal activity. For example, our Pastor Sonny Arguinzoni made mistakes in his early life which led him to gang membership and then heroin addiction, errors which could have left him on a path to Hell, both in this world and the next.

Turn Your Life Around

Just like you, Sonny has made serious mistakes which have left him open to the Devil and turned him into a violent gang associate with a criminal past. Just like you, Sonny has been given the opportunity to change his life, and turn it into something positive and good. He took that chance and now offers that same option to those who come to his mission, confident that he can give people the same tools that he used to escape all those years ago. If you want to start taking the steps to change your life, then we are only a call away.

Get A New Life

Your old life has been one of desperation and fear, moving constantly from one event to the next without space to breathe and consider your options. You have to change, to stop destroying your life and upsetting those around you. To do this, you need to listen to the word of God, take time out of your day to pray and to separate yourself from your past. Our Victory Outreach mission can be your solace and comfort, and guide you towards the righteous path.

Embrace A New You

By understanding that your past actions have been futile and that you may never escape your past mistakes unless you turn to the word of God, you can make choices that will eventually free you from past errors, and let you become a new person. Start embracing your true potential today by speaking to our Pastor Sonny Arguinzoni and team directly by calling 909-599-4437. Listen to him teach you about the word of God, and then come to our mission and see for yourself how you can be stronger and better by abandoning your old life and following the word of the Lord.

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